The question is not whether we should seek a utopia or not.
The question is what kind of utopia and where to look for it.

Ana Cecilia Dinerstein (2017)

The name of the project – The Art of Organising Hope – refers to the subtitle of an Ana Cecilia Dinerstein book. In this book she describes how successful, alternative practices and discourses are being developed in Latin America. We wanted to undertake the same quest in Europe.


We searched Europe for people and practices that embody alternatives for the existing world order. They are hopeful in the sense that these organisations are consciously participating in the process of establishing more equal and righteous relationships on the level of democracy, ecology, economy, society and/or culture.


The goal of our quest is to find and discover ideas, collaborations, practices and structures that foster a different societal order. An order that brings us closer to a more just and more durable world. We are not looking for a ready-made blueprint. We do want to connect these islands of hope we find, in order to trigger societal change.