How far are we willing to go?

RECAP SESSION 3 – Across the world, the spread of right-wing nationalism has caught a lot of people off guard. This has been particularly obvious in the reaction of liberals and neoliberals who have lost at the ballot box, but also, just as importantly, those us on the broad left. If one issue epitomises the […]

HOPE, New Narratives for Europe / 10 Dec 2018

We own it! Recap session 2

Ownership is a concept to be reconsidered. The capitalistic system changes the meaning and the ways of owning public goods (institutions, infrastructure, water, land, etc). Taking the means of production from people, from workers, makes it very easy to create a form of living that isn’t focused on people’s needs, but rather on making profit […]

HOPE, New Narratives for Europe / 06 Dec 2018

Right to the city?

It was Henry Lefebvre who, in 1968, first wrote about the concept in his book Le droit a la ville. He problematized the way in which cities, in his case Paris, were being re-engineered in the 60s and 70s. For Lefebvre, the Right to the City was both a cry and a demand for a […]

HOPE, New Narratives for Europe / 09 Nov 2018

Recap of the opening night

This summit is not about party politics and the usual, 24-hour news cycle. It’s about radical change. It is not just an opportunity to complain collectively – therapeutic as this might be – but to develop principles of public intervention that can touch the hearts and minds of people far beyond the rooms we are […]

HOPE, New Narratives for Europe / 09 Nov 2018

Interview with Tony Fegan

Tony Fegan of Tallaght Community Arts (Ireland), one of the organising partners of TAOH, has extensive experience in participatory arts projects with young people (often with very diverse cultural backgrounds) and people with disabilities. The TAOH Newsroom joined in on a video interview that was recorded with Tony, and jotted down some of his thoughts […]

HOPE, New Narratives for Europe / 09 Nov 2018

You have to combine ideological discussions with practical solutions

INTERVIEW WITH IVA CUKIC (Ministry of Space). Iva Cukic is a member of the Serbian urban development organisation Ministry of Space. Ministry of Space revitalises abandoned or neglected spaces by rearranging them as workplaces, housing or alternative art galleries, starting from the concept of everyone’s right to the city (ref. the essay of sociologist Henry Lefebvre). […]

HOPE, New Narratives for Europe / 02 Nov 2018

Hope is an invitation to work together, to develop alternatives

Interview with Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

HOPE, New Narratives for Europe / 31 Oct 2018