Haunting Europe and the Global North as a whole, there is a sentiment of intellectual and political exhaustion which translates as incapacity to confront innovatively the various challenges of justice that interpellate the world in the first decades of the twenty-first century:social, environmental, inter-generational, cultural, historical and cognitive justice. In contrast, the Global South, in its immense diversity, presents itself today as a wide field of economic, social, cultural, and political innovation.

ALICE is grounded on a wager, i.e that social, political and institutional change may largely benefit from the innovations occurring in countries and regions of the Global South. A demanding wager, to be sure, for it presupposes availability for mutual recognition, intercultural understanding, political and ideological convergence, respect for identity, and celebration of diversity.

The project began in July 2011 and will continue for five years. It will operate under the auspices of the Centre for Social Studies (CES) – an Associate Laboratory of the University of Coimbra, Portugal.