We want to create a base structure for solidarity economy, ie a network of exchanges of goods and services with the following features:

  • Horizontal organization, with participation in general meetings, collective decision making and solution finding.
  • Coverage of basic needs and desires rather than consumerism focusing on self-sufficiency
  • Jointly defining a fair price/work ratio on products and services.
  • Producing quality goods and services while minimizing our energy and ecological footprint.
  • Reciprocity in relations beyond the logic of profit and “free market” monopolies.
  • Monetary autonomy within the network using a local self-institutionalized monetary unit (LETS network).
  • The foundation of and support for productive projects.
  • Cooperative education, direct democracy and ecological awareness.


Our Address:

Athens, Greece


37.9838096, 23.727538800000048






Ahens Integral Cooperative