Alter-médias is an association aiming to support and help create independent information channels, sources and outlets which :

Offer a decoded picture of current affairs and social and environmental issues, and their significance both locally and globally.

Put forward concrete alternatives and innovative proposals which respond to the pressing social and ecological questions at hand.

Connect journalists, NGO actors, researchers as well as any individuals that are responsive to these issues to develop together awareness-raising materials.

Provide training for individuals and organizations, teaching them techniques to produce and distribute information (texts, videos, photos, website conception, etc.).

Alter-médias has supported “Basta !”, a website on social and environmental issues, international solidarity and active citizenship since its launch in the autumn of 2008. “Basta !” is a participative information website whose written, visual and audiovisual content has been published on the Internet since December 2008. Access to the site is free.