Dissidents are a UK-based group of radical people, descended from the histories of genocide, slavery, and colonialism in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We fight for liberation by any means necessary.

We are brought together by the meanings of blackness – of disposability and sub-humanness – that were cast upon our ancestors by white colonisers. This anti-blackness persists in destroying the bodies, lands, and lives of our global kin through policing, militarism, and exploitation in the service of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism.

We come together in the conviction that black is the symbol of endurance and power: that blackness is indestructible. The fight of and for black people is the fight for liberation of all life from domination and suppression.

We do not follow any traditions of political thinking, for they are built on the erasure of lives marked as black. We cannot choose sides, for the questions that create them are false, based on the systemic manipulation of blackness as degraded. Our only commitment is to learning and creating the conditions for complete decolonisation of our minds, hearts, and practices, and of all the structures that make particular lives and communities dispensable.

We are black dissidents – black-led, black-centred, non-aligned.