We are living in times in which an economic theory has turned into a total ideology dominating all spheres of our lives. Ideology, argued for being perfect, for being the end of history, that it can ensure prosperity and happiness for mankind and that the limits of the human creative potential and social organization have been reached.

The current world economic crisis (sixth for the last 100 years) has once again proven that this is not true and that history can’t have an end and there are no eternal theories and ideologies.

The crisis also shows the innate incurable cannibalistic disability of this system to collapse and self-destruct, disability which with each of its next manifestation indicates that “something with this system is wrong” and it’s causing catastrophic effects on our lives.

We realize that nothing is perfect and eternal, that the evolutionary development (and also the revolutionary one) does not stop its course and sooner or later certain economic and social relations and institutions become outdated and obsolete and in their place come new ones, which are also not perfect like the previous ones, but are at least a step forward and reflect the current state of society and the relations within it.

We understand that capitalism (despite its topicality in the times of the Industrial revolution), along with its institutions and social and economic relations, no longer reflects the development of our society. The only thing that capitalism is able to achieve in all its forms is to suppress the evolution of humanity and lead us to our own self-destruction.

We believe that like any other economic and social theory before it, capitalism is now useless and harmful and must give way to the theorIES for a life after capitalism.

The purpose of this site IS NOT to make propaganda of the only right Ideology or doctrine, because we clearly realize that there is not such thing and that it can’t exist.

The purpose of this site is to try to start a movement – a movement for establishing new theories for a life after capitalism:
1. To raise the discussion about our present and future, about our survival and development,
2. To show that the neo-liberal mantra “TINA (” There is no alternative “) is a 3. To promote and develop theories or visions for our future life in a free, sustainable society.