Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo is a Spanish politician, labour leader and history school teacher. Since 1979 he has been the Mayor of Marinaleda and since 2008 deputy for United Left (UL) in the Parliament of Andalusia. He is also leader of the party Collective for the Unity of Workers – Andalusian Left Bloc (CUT-BAI), part of UF and the rural workers’s union Andalusian Workers Union.

Sánchez Gordillo has a long history of participating in militant action for the benefit of Spanish working class. He helped to transform Marinaleda from a town blighted by rural poverty into what Sánchez Gordillo himself and The Guardian have described as a “communist utopia”, where since the early 1990s there has been no need for mortgages—the town has “virtually full employment, communally owned land and wage equality”. In August 2012 the town had only 5% unemployment, mostly recent arrivals and economic migrants, contrasting with the rest of Spain where unemployment is at 25%, and at 34% in Andalusia.