In view of the increasingly scarce of raw materials, reuse of raw materials, with the same quality, is becoming increasingly important. Current ways of recycling are often based on the linear model in which profit maximization and not the actual conservation of raw materials are central. Therefore, valuable raw materials are still massively and irrevocably destroyed. In order to counteract the depletion of earthly resources, it is necessary to maintain raw materials and to reuse them for new generations of products. This can only be achieved through social and economic change. We need to switch from a linear to a circular economy. Cycle thinking is obvious to RAU. This marks a fundamentally different approach to a housing task; Not resulting in a standalone building but as an active element in a circular system. At area level, energy level, material level, social level and level of realization: boundaries fade and synergy arises. The development of product to service For Philips, Turntoo Light developed as a Service and Circular Lighting; A service where your light decreases. No investment, best products and no worries. Philips’s light system remains, which is driven to the maximum of products Which they can reuse themselves. A closed system for the materials used. For various products used for rental housing.