Interview with Iñaki Lopez de Foronda from Errekaleor

Errekaleor is a former working class neighbourhood that is situated in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Basque Autonomous Community and of the province of Araba/Álava in northern Spain. During the economic crisis, the public services were scaled down as part of severe austerity measures and the barrio was for the most part abandoned. However, in 2013 […]

Research, Spain / 27 Mar 2018

Interview with Maria Montavez Sanchez and Fransico Garrido Torres from Cerro Libertad

Cerro Libertad is an occupation of a country estate of 75 hectares and 1500 olive trees in the Spanish Andalusia. This finca is property of the bank BBVA who has done nothing to stop the deterioration of the land and the farm in five years time. On April the 1st of last year, activists started their […]

Research, Spain / 18 Mar 2018

Interview with Apostolos Dimopoulos from Sifnos Island Cooperative

On the Cycladic isle of Sifnos we talked to Apostolos Dimopoulos, the president of the Sifnos Island Cooperative. The cooperative aims at making the island completely self-managed and self-sustained by means of the generation of water and wind energy as well as by high quality local production.   “Our main goal is to become a […]

Greece, Research / 09 Mar 2018

Interview with Tassos Morfis from Athens Live

Athens Live is an independent, non-profit media outlet born out of the Greek crisis. The founders of Athens Live believed that international coverage of this crisis was lacking, so they decided to do it themselves. They consider their social mission as more important than their product. Therefore, they disseminate the news for free. We talked with […]

Greece, Research / 09 Mar 2018